who we are

Ryerson is an urban campus of over 44,000 from over 147 diverse Nations. That means that 75% of the world is represented here. The great commission says "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit..." (Matthew 28:19, NIV). at LifeLine we are making christ known where the nations are gathered. 

We are passionate about: 

Christ - We love him more than anything. He is the way, the truth, the light. 

Campus - we love ryerson, and every single one of it's students. 

Community - we love community, and firmly believe our lives should be lived out inside of it. 

about us

LifeLine is a community of students on a journey to Find, Follow, and Serve Jesus Christ. We live out our faith together at Ryerson University. We are a diverse group from various cultural and social economic backgrounds. We are all at different places on our walk with God, but each one is welcome. LifeLine is a family, and a Home away from home. 


Our Mission 

We want to see students lives transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. We want to see people live the abundant life that comes through Him alone. We want to help the lost Find, the Found Follow, and give opporitinnties to serve our campus and city. 


What's with the name? 

A LifeLine is something you can grab onto when you need help, or guidance. It's something you can make us of whether its your first choice or your last resort. Like a buoy in the water, its something that can provide direction, as well as something that those who are in distress and grab onto to help them stay afloat. Whether a student a believer who is living their best life, or someone who is lost and struggling they are welcome, they can belong here. 


What Students Say

"I feel like I'm home" — Third Year Creative Industries Student

"I've found more community here than even back home" — Third Year Film Student

"LifeLine is my family" — second year student

What we do

LifeLine is a campus ministry at Ryerson University downtown Toronto. We meet weekly for chapels that include student led worship, a discussion infused message, thoughtful prayer and food and time to hang out. We also have bible studies where we dig deeper into scripture for those who want to know even more. We also serve our campus in conjunction with an organization called Red Frogs, through whom we are able to serve with no strings attached and "safeguard a generation". If you're a student, or a recent grad, come join us! 

Why we do it

During Post-Secondary education you make the decisions that will affect the rest of your life! You question your faith (or lack thereof), politics and worldview and begin to solidify the way you see the world and subsequently the person you will become. We believe that making a decision to follow Jesus will wildly change the course of your life, so that you can squeeze every drop out of it, and live the adventure you meant made to - with Jesus Christ.