Our Team

We have two staff members and an amazing team of student leaders who are our RSU Student Group Executives for 2019-2020. 


David Burke, Pastor

David planted LifeLine with his wife in 2013 and is the Pastor of this community of students. He loves Jesus, his wife, daughter, son, and Ryerson. He also loves a good movie or tv show, and Walt Disney World. David wants to see every student have the opportunity to hear the good news, and dreams of students falling in love with Christ causing them to live in His abundant life. 


JAzelle nicholson, staff-discipleship/outreach

Jazelle was the first student to attend LifeLine when it was launched in 2013, and became its first student leader and was involved in leadership for her four years studying at Ryerson. After graduating with a degree in Creative Industries she came on staff at LifeLine! She loves helping young women find their worth and purpose in jesus, and is also passionate about creativity and outreach. 

Eboni + kim + hannah + chantal + carina + hendrick, our leadership team for 2019-2020

this is our phenomenal team of students and grads who help lead lifeline! They give their time, talents and energy to help share the gospel and spread the love of jesus at ryerson university. They're all-stars!